Quality Equipment

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Bose S1 Pro

We use the top of the line equipment to make sure that not only you can hear us but everyone around you can hear and experience the fun. We have had so much success with our top of the line state of the art Bose S1 Pro. This lightweight speaker has a bluetooth capability and mic input so that you can hear the music and vocals all at the same time. This is good for indoors and outdoors and you can hear us from outside your home or place of business.

Shure SM 58

This microphone is the prototype of microphones. It's light weight and gives a clear even tone when speaking and singing. We make sure that you can hear every word spoken, from your heartfelt message from the person who sent us all the way to the live performance of the song. Trust us, you paid the price and we make sure we provide top quality all around.

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